The whole walked in on ask actually reminded me of a time a couple of years ago.

I was hanging out with this guy who really liked sex with sex swings, so he had one in his closet. The closet, btw, was in the wall way off his room that lead to his private bathroom since he had the master bedroom in the apartment.

So one day we were using it when he got a phone call from his boss he had to take, so instead of getting down I just hung around waiting, legs spread and horny of course. So when I heard footsteps come back into the bedroom I started whimpering and moaning for him, only to see not him, but his roommate walk in to see me naked and dripping wet, hung in the air.

(It turns out, the other bathroom was broken, so he had been using my guy friends, and my guy friend didn’t even notice he’d come home as he was on the balcony on his phone)

Let’s just say though, my friend was fair and we let the roommate have a turn with me to get rid of that surprise boner I gave him.

Anonymous said: Can you describe your ultimate girl on girl fantasy for us? x

I think my biggest girl on girl fantasy would be to be tied down spread eagle on the bed with multiple other girls dominating me.

They’d take turns sitting on my faces as i ate them out, grinding their cunts all over my body. One would use a double ended dildo to fuck out pussies together with, and all through out the night they would use every toy imaginable on me and themselves, never letting there be a time when i’m not moaning in pleasure, every square inch of my body being rubbed and teased.

d1gital-lust said: I helped fulfil my friends fantasy a few years ago. She asked me to tie her to the kitchen table with her legs nicely spread and her holes facing the door. I then fucked her arse hard and spunked in it, as it was dripping out if her she asked me to push her vibe inside her and leave the house with it still buzzing away for her incredibly prudish/squeamish flatmate to discover and have to untie her ;) xx

Fuck, that is so hot. i’d like you to come do the same for me ;) tie me up and leave me cum covered for someone else to find. Specially if you set the vibe to the highest setting, so while waiting I would do nothing but moan and cum against hard plastic.

Though, I’d want you to also make it extremely difficult for my roommate to untie me or remove the vibrator. So she’d have to spend a lot of time watching me twitch and drip all over the table, and listen to me cry out. I’d probably cum just from her opening the door and finding me.


God am i horny tonight. Followers? I could use some dirty messages ;)

Anonymous said: how about a story that includes bondage, submission, and being chained to a wall? that would make me cum so much ;)

My master has many sex slaves, but I’m pretty sure he likes me the most. Almost every night he calls me too his room, tieing me up before he fucks me.

Tonight is no different, as I enter his chambers in nothing but the thin strips of bondage leather he allows us to wear. He grabs my collar and pulls me over to the bed, sitting down and opening his robe to present his huge cock to me.

I knee in front of him and hungrily suck him into my mouth, tongue swirling around the head as i suckled. He pushed me down the shaft with his hand, till i could feel this tip in my throat. I gagged a little on his size, as he grabbed my head and began thrusting into me, fucking my face as fast as possible until his cock jerked, and my mouth was filled with so much hot cum I couldn’t even begin to drink it all down.

This of course, was just the warm up. He summoned his guards to lift me up and take me to the wall, where the shackle my hands up in the air, and my feet to the floor, legs spread and breasts pressed against cold stone. One prods my cunt with his finger, judging how wet I am.

One finger quickly become multiple as the guard preps me, rubbing my clit and finger fucking my pussy roughly until I was dripping. I feel cold glass against my lips as the second guard begins to push a large glass dildo inside me, coating it in my juice before pulling it out and forcing it into my asshole without warning.

He slides a second one back into my cunt and the two leave me, having finished prepping me for my master. I know they’ll be back after, since the guards always get to play with me after he’s done.

After awhile my master approaches me, pulling out the dildo from my pussy to ram his cock inside. He reaches around to grab my breast squeezing them as he fucks me from behind with hard fast strokes that bring me to orgasm within minutes. He lets go of my breasts and grabs onto a pair of handles on the wall so he can fuck me even harder into the wall.

He pulls out and switches to my stretched asshole, regaining his pace as I scream and moan against the wall, pussy all but pouring my orgasms onto the floor. With a grunt me explodes again inside me, cum dripping out my asshole as he removed himself.

I hang against the wall trying to catch my breath as the guards haul me down and carry my limp body back down to my chambers, where I know their hard cocks will fuck me for a few more hours.

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pussy-paramour said: I would love to get to tie you up nice and tight with your legs spread wide. I would eat you out for hours, teasing your holes with my cock whenever my jaw got sore but never fucking you. Making you moan and beg and scream in frustration. And when you had finally cum for the hundredth time from my tongue I would ram my cock deep into your pussy and fuck you until I filled your cunt with cum. Then I would untie you, lift you up and take you to the park, where we'd fuck for hours on a park bench.

Fuck, im wet just imagining.

Anonymous said: I'd sneak into your room while you sleep and slip off your panties very slowly, i'd slowly rub my cock around your mouth until it was hard, i would return to you pussy, which would be naturally dripping from the thought of a cock around your mouth and slowly sneak it in, once it was in i would slowly fuck you till you wake up and which point i would ram you so hard your head would bounce off the head board of the bed

Sounds like the perfect way to wake up. I’d probably wake up slowly, thinking i was having a dirty dream. And by the time I’d wake up enough to realize your hard cock was fucking me, you’d be ponding my pussy so hard I’d be cumming over and over, eyes rolled back and to overloaded to think.

Anonymous said: I wanna take a shower with you and push you against the glass while I ram my cock in your pussy

That sounds amazing. My moaning would echo throughout the bathroom as my breasts pressed against the glass, you cock filling me up entirely.

Now, would you leave the door unlocked so that at any moment someone could walk in and see me getting my brains fucked out? I’m sure i’d have a friend or two who would want to join.

God am i horny tonight. Followers? I could use some dirty messages ;)