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Anonymous asked: I'm a virgin and no matter how slow I go or how wet I am, putting more than a finger inside hurts, do you have any tips on how to make things less painful?

Hmmm, I would actually recommend going to the doctor if more than a finger hurts, and getting a gyno exam to make sure everything is okay first.

If it’s not really a painful hurt, but just more of a discomfort, my advice would to just keep taking it slow, and make sure you are relaxed. Being tense at all makes for painful sex.

Anonymous asked: So I have a friends with benefits thing going with this guy and while eight years playing the saxophone has made him very talented with his mouth, I eventually want to have sex with him, the problem is I'm a virgin and rather small down there to begin with and he's on the long and thick side, So I was wondering if I could ask you for any tips on how to make things less painful since you seem to have experience with larger then average boys and you're really nice?

Hmm, I don’t really know if any of my tips would be useful, as for the most part, I’m just lucky that I’m built to take a bit more.

Most importantly though, is foreplay and lubrication. I get really fucking wet, really fast, and stay that way the whole time. But not all girls do. So take it slow, if he’s a good friend he’ll realise your concerns and take it slow too.

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Tonight is one of those nights

I wish someone would come over and tie down on my hands and knees and fuck my holes until morning.